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I.T. & Telecommunications

Why work in public sector I.T.?

In order to carry out their duties in the most effective way possible, public sector organisations need the most up-to-date I.T. and telecommunication systems and equipment. Consequently, the very best I.T. and telecommunications professionals in the country are required to make sure that these technologies are installed, maintained and used effectively.

What are the public sector's I.T. & telecommunications demands?

Some I.T. and telecommunications systems are integral to maintaining public security, such as police officers’ mobile communication devices and biometric computer systems that take people’s finger prints at UK border control points.

Some computer and telecom systems help to save people’s lives, such as life support systems in NHS hospitals. Some I.T. databases hold important information that keeps the British public informed, such as the census databases of the Office for National Statistics. Basically, I.T. and telecommunications are pretty darn important for the public sector.

I.T. and telecommunications career opportunities in the public sector are particularly wide-ranging, since every single central government department, hospital, emergency service department and local authority needs talented professionals in this area.

You might be rolling out thousands of new PCs across the various United Kingdom Border Agency offices; you might be providing technical support to MI5 employees that are having problems with their laptops; you might be designing the new DirectGov website; you might be working as a service manager in the technical support centre of an RAF base; you might be installing new Cisco phone systems in the Parliamentary ICT department; or you might be installing anti-virus software onto computers in the Ministry of Justice.

How do I get into public sector I.T. & telecommunications?

Most people that start their I.T. and telecommunications careers in the public sector will do so in lower level positions. However, as you progress, you will be able to develop a long-lasting I.T. and telecommunications career in the public sector. Many senior I.T. and telecommunications professionals eventually even start working as independent contractors in various public sector departments.

One of the quickest ways of developing your I.T. and telecoms career within the Civil Service is by getting onto the ‘Technology in Business’ branch of the highly competitive Civil Service Fast Stream graduate programme. This allows you to develop into more strategic and managerial positions within the public sector I.T. and telecoms world.

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