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Human Resources: Recruitment, Resources & Talent

Why is the recruitment, resources and talent division of HR needed?

The American author, H. Jackson Brown Jr. famously stated that “talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forwards, backwards, or sideways.” The man makes a good point.

Every company needs talented people, but they need to be nurtured and directed in the right way. This is where HR specialists in recruitment, resources and talent earn their stripes.

Having the right kind of people working for you and giving them the right kind of support, training and development opportunities can really help to make a business thrive. People working within the recruitment, resources and talent area of HR are thus needed to help manage resources, bring the right people into the business, train them accordingly, and identify people already in the organisation who have the ability to progress and develop internally.

What does the recruitment, resources and talent branch of an HR department do?

As businesses change, changes in personnel also need to be made. HR careers in recruitment, resources and talent specialities are, therefore, concerned with planning around these changes.

The recruitment, resources and talent branch of HR departments are responsible for developing recruitment strategies and policies. It is the responsibility of people who work in these careers to identify and attract the right kind of talented individuals to the company.

This can involve direct resourcing of candidates for specific roles, but can also involve implementing general promotional schemes that generate interest about the company in the right kind of people.

The objective of these HR specialists is not only to source talent from outside the organisation, but also from within. These guys develop processes to identify the most promising individuals within the company and integrate them into ‘succession planning’ initiatives. They then guide them through their internal career progression, sometimes even fast-tracking the very best candidates into more senior positions.

What is learning and talent development (L&TD)?

Another important area of this HR specialist subsector is learning and talent development (L&TD). Once people are in the right jobs and have progressed to the right level, it’s all about helping them to get the most out of their skills and talents.

Often, people need extra help to realise their full potential. If you can get all your employees performing at an optimal level, then this can drive the business forward and boost productivity.

These L&TD guys firstly develop a great understanding of business objectives and, in accordance with these, they then manage learning and training schemes and events, devise and implement learning plans, and support and advise business managers on their skills coaching techniques.

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