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Human Resources: Organisation Development, Design & Change

Specialising in organisation development, design and change in the HR industry...

As markets change, organisations have to adapt and reinvent themselves to make sure that they react effectively.

To a certain extent, businesses need to be agile like mountain goats; they need to adjust their footing as they climb higher, meet new challenges and come across rockier patches. Otherwise, if they aren’t open to change, they may well slip and end up at the bottom of the mountain again; injured, lost and feeling very sorry for themselves.

Consequently, HR specialists in organisation development, design and change are required. When it’s time for change, these are the people that point businesses in the right direction.

Winston Churchill once said that “there is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” This is where HR specialists in organisation development, design and change come into play. These guys play a vital role in planning and managing the changes that help organisations develop and stay strong in the long term.

What skills do you need for a career in organisation development, design and change sector of HR?

Careers in this specialist area of HR are all about analysing, refining and changing how people fit into organisations. It’s not just about making job cuts, creating new opportunities, and re-organising people into different areas of the business; it’s also about developing an organisation’s culture and harnessing the skills of its employees more efficiently.

People in this area need to be able back up their plans, ideas and proposals for change with evidence of why they will be effective. They need to use their top class analytical and assessment skills to help them consider risks and other possible challenges to their proposals.

These guys work in systematic ways, using data and other sources of information to assess the company’s performance. They then consider what personnel changes can be made to enhance productivity.

What is organisation development and change?

Careers in organisation development and change are consultative positions, which focus on changing organisations in their entirety.

Making important alterations to a company’s processes and systems takes a lot of planning, analysis and use of behavioural science knowledge. These modifications are intended to help entire organisations change their culture, i.e. their beliefs, attitudes, values and structures.

This is not, therefore, about training; it’s about making tangible changes to individuals, groups, departments and companies. It’s also about helping employees cope with, understand and value the changes which have been implemented. Sounds tricky, doesn’t it?

What is organisation design?

Ever wondered who decides which job roles belong to which departments and why certain people report to other people? This is because somebody has meticulously defined and organised the architecture of the job roles within a company. These responsibilities belong to people in organisation design.

These specialist HR careers are all about analysing and changing the structure of companies to improve productivity and efficiency. Organisational design consultants make strategic decisions themselves, and also provide advice that facilitates strategic decisions being made within the company. These changes understandably need to be justified and effective, so meticulous planning, analysis and research have to be done.

These guys are also really valuable when it comes to starting up new companies or departments. They can come in and assess the company’s goals, before defining what job roles need to be created. They don’t stop there either; they also design operational processes and reward systems.

How do I get into the organisation development, design or change area of HR?

It’s pretty hard to break into this area of HR at the beginning of your career. It is therefore normally advisable to take a generalist route and then develop more interest and involvement within organisational development, design and change projects. This will allow you to specialise in this area later on in your career.

So, do you think you could lead the mountain goat safely up the mountain? It’s a difficult and complex task but we think you’ve got a chance in a career in organisation development, design and change!

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