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Healthcare: Management, Administration & I.T.

Why is healthcare management important?

Like anything, healthcare work isn’t just about who or what you see on the surface. On film sets, you’ve got the lighting crew, runners, sound technicians and all kinds of characters working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Hospitals and doctors surgeries are no different. Well, there are no sound technicians (unless you count ultrasound technicians), but you get the idea. Many people that work for healthcare organisations work in managerial, administrative or I.T. careers. These guys make everything tick and keep healthcare services running as efficiently as possible.

What do healthcare management, administration and I.T. staff do?

Managers, administrators and I.T. staff provide vital support to doctors, nurses, research scientists, clinical support staff and the whole range of other healthcare professionals.

If you choose to work in this area of healthcare, you’ve got a wealth of opportunities at your fingertips. You can work in environments without any kind of patient contact or you could be working on the front line in clinics, surgeries or hospital departments. It really depends on what route you choose to take.

The world of healthcare is incredibly busy and can therefore be fairly stressfully. Consequently, everyone working in management, administration and I.T. roles needs to be efficient, incredibly well-organised, friendly and able to work as part of a large team. It’s all about collaboration and communication. Then, and only then, will things run smoothly and go off without a hitch.

What's healthcare management like?

The Department of Health (DH) is one of the main employers of behind-the-scenes administrative and managerial staff. For more information on these careers, check out the Health & Social Care subsector now!

You can also work in administrative roles where you will act as the first point of call for patients. For instance, you might be a receptionist in a doctor’s surgery or a personal assistant to senior healthcare professionals.

Similarly, management staff within healthcare settings can work behind-the-scenes or on the front line in hospital wards, clinics and surgeries. You might be in charge of administrative staff or you might be making sure that processes and procedures are running smoothly on hectic hospital wards.

Working in healthcare management roles can be incredibly challenging. You might be required to make critical decisions about healthcare provision, especially when it comes down to juggling tight budgets.

What about I.T.?

If you’re more suited to a role in the I.T. department, you’d be working in an absolutely essential position. Essentially, your job would be to keep all the medical computer systems and communication channels running efficiently and running without any faults.

You can work in a huge range of specialist I.T. careers. For instance, you might be carrying out database administration tasks on important patient record management systems; you might be developing websites such as NHS Choices; or you might be providing technical support to a series of GP surgeries in a certain geographical area.

For more information on I.T. careers in the healthcare world, take a look at the I.T. & Telecommunications sector now!

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