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Why is this industry so important?

These days, everyone has a certain amount of stress in their lives. Whether you’re Barack Obama or Whitney from EastEnders, it’s all relative.

It’s no wonder then that so many of us choose exercise as a way to escape the pressures of everyday life. If you can get a bit of relaxation along the way, then that’s all the better.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger once so eloquently put it, “the best activities for your health are pumping and humping.” Need we say anymore?

How do I get into health, fitness & relaxation?

If you pursue a career in this area, you could become anything from a health centre manager, to a fitness instructor or masseuse. You could even instruct specialist classes, such as pilates or judo.

You might be able to fast-track your way into a managerial position by studying a degree in any relevant subject, such as health and fitness management, sports science or psychology. However, you can also work your way up to the role of manager simply by gaining a wealth of relevant experience throughout your career.

For any instructional role, you’ll need to be an absolute expert on the subject and pass any relevant qualifications that are required. For example, to be a yoga instructor, you will need to have passed the British Wheel of Yoga training course and hold the relevant badge.

If you pursue any role, from maintenance staff to management, you’ll need to have great interpersonal skills and be a good communicator. Pretty much everyone will be interacting with clients at some point, so it’s important to be enthusiastic and friendly. What’s more (this  may seem obvious!) you’ll have to be physically fit and healthy yourself.

What jobs could I do in this field?

As a health, fitness and relaxation centre manager, you’ll be responsible for managing junior staff members, hiring and firing, budget control and improving the financial success of the centre. You might also be implementing schemes to attract new members, such as ‘two memberships for the price of one’ offers and ‘bring-a-friend’ promotions.

You’ll be coordinating the activities of junior staff to ensure that all equipment is well maintained and health and safety regulations are kept in check. It would also be your job to deal with enquiries and complaints. That’s cool though; if you’re doing your job properly, you shouldn’t get too many of these!

If you’re looking for something a little more hands-on, there are plenty of roles that are much more client-facing. If you’re an expert in a particular activity, you could always lead a range of classes, such as yoga, swimming or aerobics. You can even become a specialist instructor of swimming pool aerobics (a.k.a. aqua aerobics). It may sound crazy, but it’s definitely doable!

Similarly, you could also become a fitness instructor. For more detail on these careers, check out the Health & Fitness Training subsector now! 

Of course, after running a few miles and pumping a bit of iron, most people like to peel off their spandex and have a little chill. This is why lots of health and fitness clubs now employ relaxation specialists. You could find work as a masseuse or even a beauty specialist. The options are pretty varied!

The final cogs in the health and fitness club machine are the guys who keep it all ticking along nicely. These clubs would go to pot without the people that work in maintenance careers. These guys clean the machines, keep the swimming pool in order and generally ensure that health and safety measures are up to industry standards.

If you’re of the belief that a healthy body makes a healthy mind, and you’re keen to make this the central ethos of your career, working as part of a health, fitness and relaxation centre might be your calling!

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