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Graphic Design: Web

What is a career in web design like?

Web design is about striking a balance between visual and interactive user engagement; too much or too little of one and you risk losing your audience.

The internet can act as a massive portfolio that is easily accessible to all of your potential clients. However, it’s important that your work stands out, or offers something different, in order for you to be competitive in such a massive market.

Technical ability is important, but it will never mask or make up for a lack of creative talent.

What qualifications do I need to succeed as a web designer?

Although websites provide a great platform for exciting digital and interactive design, they can also be restrictive in some visual elements. These boundaries, however, are constantly being stretched and broken, as is the nature of the industry. It is important to keep on top of new techniques and to stay equal to, or ahead of, your peers.  

A good knowledge of HTML and CSS will aid your technical and design approach to web design projects. As well as visually ticking the boxes, you will also need to consider upkeep and management of your work. The content needs to stay fresh and relevant; while this may not be your job after the initial design process, it will be your responsibility to put structures in place for others to maintain, work and develop your design.

The ability to manage your time efficiently is important when considering a career in web design. At any one time, you will be working on multiple briefs with varying deadlines, not to mention the fact that you will be working for challenging and demanding clients.

Communicating effectively and building relationships with these clients is important. Ideas need to be presented or pitched suitably, as this can be equally as important as the actual design work.

Clients are not always aware of the capabilities and restrictions of web design, so by adopting this approach and building relationships, you will only aid your development and potential for future projects.

How do I become a web designer?

Although some career options do specifically cater for web designers, it is important to diversify your talent. Possessing the ability to showcase your creativity across printed media as well as web design will always be an advantage.

You are likely to occupy a junior position when first entering the web design industry. At this point, it is important to pick up essential technical knowledge, which will act as an important foundation for your development.

With more experience and exposure to different projects, you will be able to build up your skills and your portfolio. Eventually, this will allow you to progress into more senior positions.

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Written by Thomas Elliott
Graphic & Web Designer @ CDS Global UK

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