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Why be an engineer?

Engineers solve problems. These clever people use their technical skills, scientific knowledge and practical nous to research, develop, design, produce, maintain and install technical solutions.

If you pursue a graduate job in engineering, you could be working with chemicals or contraptions, machines or medical supplies, solar panels or satellites. 

Why is engineering important?

Every industry and every area of society depends on the hard work of engineers. Almost everything we use has been designed and engineered by these characters, from iPods, aeroplanes and elevators, to bridges, lawnmowers and can openers.

Without these people, there would be no technological advances and the world would essentially be falling apart, slowly but surely.

Break it down for me a little bit!

There are so many different kinds of engineering that it’s difficult to even know where to start. Don’t worry though; if you’re interested in a specific area of this industry, we’ve got it covered!

We don’t have enough space to tell you all about engineering right here, right now, so if you want to find out more, head over to the Engineering sector. You’ll find out everything you have ever wanted to know!

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