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Education Resources: Libraries, I.T. & Maintenance

What do we mean by "education resources"?

The word librarian might make you think back to the strange lady from your school’s library who looked a bit like Mystic Meg with glasses, and bizarrely knew your full name on your very first day of school.

When you think about I.T. technicians, you might simply think of the guy that blocked all the good internet games on your college’s network.

You might also think of Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons, or Hagrid from Harry Potter, when anyone mentions the words maintenance and school in the same sentence.

However, the people that work in these careers play a hugely vital role in making sure the education sector functions effectively.

Why are education resources jobs important?

All schools, further education colleges, universities and other learning centres rely on much more than the teachers and lecturers that are employed by them. All institutions need the right learning resources and equipment. Furthermore, learning environments need to be safe, clean and comfortable.

Without experienced librarians, I.T. technicians and maintenance staff, students would be reading books with pages ripped out, writing their essays by text message and dodging falling bits of ceiling on their way to classes.

The people who work in this area use their expert knowledge and practical skills to ensure that all students get the best possible learning experiences out of their time in education.

How do I become an academic librarian?

Academic librarians are responsible for making sure that the students who use their library have easy access to all the books, journals, e-journals and computer resources they need. These guys might be responsible for administrative duties, such as cataloguing library resources and managing and maintaining databases.

They will also play an integral role in selecting which resources need to be stocked in the library. They will, therefore, liaise with the different departments of their institution and ensure that all the items on each reading list are available.

Depending on their career progression, they may have managerial duties and be in charge of budgets and finances. Furthermore, they will need great communication skills to be able to assist learners with the library’s computerised catalogue systems and answer all student queries efficiently.

You might start out as a library assistant, but in order to progress you may have to do a postgraduate qualification with The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).

How do I become a schools IT professional?

School, college, and university I.T. technicians tend to have a background in I.T. technical support and, as such, are similar to I.T. technical support officers. It is their responsibility to carry out all the necessary maintenance and installation of an institution’s I.T. systems.

These guys are likely to have a broad range of I.T. experience which allows them to deal with the hardware and software aspects of the institutions servers, desktops, laptops and network infrastructure.

Prospective I.T. technicians that want work in the education sector can actually study for specific qualifications, such as the level four NVQ certificate, ‘ICT Support in Education: Practitioner’ and the level five NVQ certificate, ‘ICT Support in Education: Manager’. If you want some more information about I.T. technician careers, then why not head over to the I.T. & Telecommunications sector now.

How do I get into maintenance?

Maintenance staff that work in the education sector play a vital role in keeping teaching facilities safe and comfortable. Their working lives will really depend on the size of the institution they are working for. They might be working as an individual caretaker or groundskeeper and be responsible for the entire site, or they might be working as part of an extensive maintenance team. For more detailed info, head on over to the Facilities Management and Maintenance subsector now!

Interested in a career in education resources? If you need a little more persuasion just think of all the cool titles you could give yourself: Lord of the Library, Commander of Computers, Master of Maintenance, the possibilities are endless…

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