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Corporate Services: Management, Finance, I.T. & Administration

Who keeps track of the ‘business’ side of energy and utility companies?

Energy and utilities companies are big. Seriously big! They are that big in fact that they often employ as many lawyers as law firms, as many accountants as accountancy firms and…well, you get the point!

These huge organisations are run in exactly the same way as any other. In some of the larger companies, you will find a variety of specialisms that have nothing to do with a traditional ‘energy’ company.

These companies are dealing with billions of pounds at any one time. They require a huge amount of people to manage all of the processes that are required to deliver the energy to its destination and to keep everyone happy.

Enter the admin, finance, management and I.T. departments. Each of these areas plays a huge part in this industry. Just imagine for a second the amount of admin required within an organisation that employs upwards of two thousand people…

What does the I.T. department in an energy and utilities company do?

Similarly, the hugely complex computer systems that operate all of their processes are designed and maintained by an in-house I.T. team. Information security is especially important within these operations. If there are any glitches in any of their systems, it could be disastrous for the company. As such, the I.T. guys are extremely important in the world of energy and utilities.  

What does the finance department in an energy and utilities company do?

If you get into the finance side of energy and utilities, many of the larger companies will provide you with financial training from scratch, such as putting you through the CIMA qualification for accountancy. You could be doing anything from assessing the costs of building a new power station, to drawing up the budget for a potential new acquisition.

What does the management department in an energy and utilities company do?

As for management, this spreads across the whole company, from managing the rigs, refineries and depots to the various office departments. As well as instructing teams on various operations, you will also be required to analyse the business, identify areas for improvement and implement initiatives.

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