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Why get into automotive manufacturing?

Believe it or not, there are over 600 million cars trawling our streets. That’s even more than the amount of people who use Facebook!

Obviously, this area of manufacturing and production is big business and that’s even before you start to take other vehicles into account, such as motorbikes, vans, three-wheelers, trucks, scooters, caravans, lorries, milk floats and road-worthy go-karts.

What can I do in automotive manufacturing?

There are many different lines of work that you can pursue in the car, van and automobile production world. You could do anything from production management work or supervisory roles, to factory management and factory floor staff positions.

If you’re more of a tech-head, you could enter this industry as an automotive engineer and actually be the person designing, maintaining and developing different car parts. However, you’re going to need an automotive engineering, mechanical engineering or other relevant degree to get your foot in the door. Admittedly, you can still work on the technical side of things without a degree. Indeed, you can become a lower level technician that conducts important maintenance work on production machinery.

What about assembly line works?

If you work on the assembly line, you’ll be responsible for literally putting together each and every automobile in a production run. Yep, that’s right; you’ll be pimping rides and putting the finishing touches to hogs, Harleys and Hondas.

You might be responsible for installing wing mirrors, exhausts, engines and other car parts as they trundle past on hefty conveyor belts (kind of like the Citroen Xsara Picasso advert, but with people instead of cheeky robots).

Admittedly, this part of the automobile manufacturing world has a bit of a bad reputation. However, this area of work has undergone rapid improvement recently and automobile factories are now some of the most high-tech production environments in the world.

Assembly line work can be repetitive and involve heavy lifting or manual labour at times. However, if you excel, you might eventually get the opportunity to progress into a supervisor, factory manager or production manager position, where you would have overall responsibility for making sure every automobile is produced efficiently, cost-effectively and in accordance with health and safety regulations.

Flawless production is incredibly important in the automobile manufacturing industry. After all, the worst possible thing that could happen is for a range of cars to be recalled for safety reasons.

Fancy yourself an expert on cars? A new and improved Jeremy Clarkson, minus the arrogance, plus a touch more sensibility with regards to what is politically correct? If so then check out a career in cars, vans and automobile manufacturing!

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