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Administrative Support

Why get into administrative support?

The public sector offers career opportunities in administrative support positions by the bucket-load. Highly important government departments and complicated projects need a wealth of organised, driven and hard-working administrators to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

What do administrative support staff do?

These people truly work at the operational core of the public sector. They get things done, they facilitate decision-making processes, and they provide valuable support to senior managers, politicians, and public service providers. Without them, the public sector would be in disarray. They maintain important records, they take minutes in important meetings, they make information accessible and organised, and they make interdepartmental communication much easier.

The administrative support career opportunities in the public sector are particularly wide-ranging, as every single central government department, hospital, emergency service department and local authority needs energetic and dynamic administrative staff. You might be:

  • A receptionist in the MI6 headquarters
  • A project support officer on a major I.T. system implementation project
  • Processing invoices in the facilities management department of the Metropolitan Police
  • Coordinating applications for Job Seeker’s Allowance in a Job Centre
  • Taking emergency calls in a control room and dispatching police officers to crime scenes.

Many people start their public sector careers in administrative positions. As you progress, many more senior administrative support career opportunities may open up across the many different public sector departments.

How do I get into administrative support?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a rad admin – or a ‘radmin’ – then you should check out our office-based and project & programme administration career paths.

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