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Career Options in Transport & Logistics: Student

Let’s take a little look at the logistics of developing a career in transport and logistics whilst you’re at university…

Undergraduate opportunities in transport & logistics

- Sandwich placements

- Internships

- Graduate scheme applications

If you’re interested in a transport and logistics careers, you could potentially work for some huge company names in retail, shipping, automobile providers, aircraft companies or airlines, rail companies or consumer goods or fast moving consumer goods. Increasing globalisation and consumer demands means these industries rely on a hard-working, quick-thinking, strategic bunch of individuals!

You could undertake an internship at just about any point through your university years. Many of these take place over the spring and summer months between your university term times, and will give you the chance to work on a project and pick up some skills in the industry as you get a feel for the company.

Sandwich placements are popular offerings in the transport and logistics sector as a form of extended work experience. You could take on a placement specialising in an area like the transport planning team or the management of a team in a warehouse in logistics, or an engineering role in transport, for instance. Sandwich placements form part of a degree, and if you’ve chosen this option then great stuff! It’s an ideal way to get some serious paid industry experience under your belt over a year during your university studies. It usually takes place in what would be your third year of university before returning to finish off your degree studies.

Many logistics placements are open to students from any degree discipline, though it may be an advantage in some cases if you’re studying for a degree that’s related to the industry. If you intend to do an engineering orientated placement in the automobile or train service industry for example, then you should be studying for a relevant degree.  Transport and logistics companies will also offer internship and placement year options in their finance, operations, sales and marketing departments, so if you’re interested in in-house finance or IT then there are options here too! These work experiences will help to demonstrate your interest in your chosen sector as you move towards applying for graduate positions.

As an undergraduate in your final year you can start work on applications for graduate schemes in transport or logistics if you’d ideally like to begin work in the initial months directly after your graduation.  

Top Tips

If you want to head into a logistics career, it’s a requirement for some roles that you hold a full UK driving license. If you haven’t got one, you may want to think about working towards this and earning it before you graduate. Even some internships and placements have this down as a requirement.

Deadlines to consider

Get your act together early if you want a sandwich placement in this industry. Some of the largest transport and logistics companies will close their application deadlines in December, and they may even close the window earlier than the advertised date if they fill up their assessment centres with suitable candidates before then. 

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