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Joining a University Society

At the beginning of term during the freshers’ week feeding frenzy, it’s tempting in to sign up for every society under the sun. Our top five tips for joining a university society will help you become a more discerning student:

1. Go to the Fresher’s Fairand sniff out what societies and clubs your university has to offer. If you miss out on the Freshers’ Fair, your university union website will usually have a long list of societies and clubs with contact details and information on how to join them.

2. Don’t go too trigger happy and sign up to every society in sight.Pick your societies carefully; join too many societies and it will eat away at your spare time. It’s good to strike a balance between social societies and societies that make excellent CV fodder (e.g. ones that are relevant to your future career).

3. Remember, many societies charge membership fees.You don’t want to be impulsively shelling out a fiver for membership of your university’s Doctor Who society, only to realise later that you’ve hated Doctor Who for as long as you can remember. Blummin’ Daleks!

4. Feel free to contact the societyand ask them for more information about what they do. Find out what you get for your money, what kind of events they run and how often they meet.

5. Decide whether you are actually genuinely going to get involved with them. For instance, joining the weight-lifting club might just be wishful thinking on your part. In terms of career prospects, employers often prefer graduates who have been highly active in a society, so you might want to bear that in mind when joining a society. Is there an opportunity for you to get seriously involved?

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