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Living in University Halls

With your A-levels under your belt, it’s time to think about applying for your place in university halls! Unfortunately, this does mean that you have to pay your own rent (though you won’t have to worry about bills until your second year of university) but the time spent in halls is an enjoyable one and should definitely be taken hold of with two hands.

What To Take To University

Once you have your place in halls confirmed, it’s going to be a hectic fortnight as you decide how to get all your possessions into the boot of a tiny car and fit it all into a miniscule room.

Firstly, you won’t need to take all your possessions. Your home won’t sink into the ground whilst you’re at university and we’re pretty confident your parents won’t mind keep a few things boxed up in the attic for you.

So what to take? Bedding is a good start. A bed and mattress will be provided, but you’ll need sheets, a duvet and pillows.

Once you’ve stuffed a duvet and pillows into the boot of the car, the next things on your list to take should include a laptop (you will need to complete coursework and make lecture notes after all), any important documents, such as certificates and your UCAS letter, and kitchen ware; pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and wooden spoons are all vital when you move in to halls. A bottle opener or corkscrew will come in handy too…

Next up on the vital items to take includes all your clothes (duh!) and some accessories to make your room feel like home. The room you get put in will be neutrally decorated so getting a few posters, photos and things such as fairy lights or a lamp will make your room feel like home.

Anything else that universities and students ‘recommend’ taking should really be given some thought. Do you really need a doorstop when a folded up piece of paper will work fine? Additionally, fancy dress outfits can be bought in the city where your university is based. Taking a printer is questionable too, as your university library will have printing facilities. With regard to food, you can visit a supermarket when you get to university (Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda don’t sink into the ground when you leave your hometown).

A clothes airer and wash basket are useful items to pack, but in all honesty, it’s really not worth taking the entirety of your possessions as you won’t need them all, and if you do you can buy them when you arrive!

Making Friends At University

“But what if I don’t make any friends?!”

This is a big worry for most students to be but, as everybody else shall also tell you… don’t worry! Halls is where students make friends for life and you will get past the small talk of “So, where are you from? What course are you doing?” (usually by the first round of drinks).

There are communal areas of kitchens and common rooms in halls and the university are usually sneaky and make sure you’re in a flat with somebody that studies a similar course to you, meaning you have a buddy to walk to university with.

Remember, everybody is in the same boat and will be wanting to make friends and you will look back on life and wonder why you ever worried.

University Halls Etiquette

Of course, there can be a situation where you don’t entirely get on with your flat mates. However, respect is an important part of communal living. Don’t play absurdly loud music or decide that it’s a good idea to play knock-door-run when you come home after slightly too many drinks.

Keeping your kitchen tidy should be a communal effort too. If everyone keeps their things clean and tidy, you won’t become out of favour with your cleaners. Also, stealing food is a big no-go.

In short, treat others as you would like to be treated, be sociable and living in halls will be great fun! 

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