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During the Holidays

As my ever-so blunt father once put it: “You should make the most of your university holidays, because this is the most free time you’ll ever have until you retire.” There are thousands of things you can do this summer, so rather than skulking around the family home eating frozen chips straight from the bag, take a look below and find out what you can do.


Tons of students opt to travel during their university holidays. The most popular destinations at the moment are: India, China, South America, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, but that’s not to say that you can’t go elsewhere. Why not head off to a country which is less travelled? It’ll be more challenging and you’ll avoid the common tourist traps!

Alternatively, if you want to stay in Europe, you can get an InterRail pass, which allows you to visit up to 30 countries. It’s a great chance to experience different cultures a little closer to home.

Working abroad…

A lot of people choose to find work while they are travelling. You can earn money along the way to fund the next leg of your trip, or gain valuable experience in the field you’re ultimately looking to get into.

You could also Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) for a few months, do an internship with a company in another country, or study in a foreign city and learn a new language. Alternatively, you could do some volunteering abroad. For instance, you could get involved with community development work in Senegal or work in an animal sanctuary in Bolivia.


Of course, going abroad isn’t your only option. It may be less glamorous and exotic, but you can use your time away from your studies to get valuable work experience in the UK.

Try to secure an internship. If you show this kind of initiative and ambition during your summer holidays, it’s going to look really impressive to potential employers. Furthermore, you’ll learn a fistful of new skills, which will help you to burst into the career you want.

You could do a ‘vacation scheme’ which lasts the whole summer, or a few short-term placements which each last a few weeks. Either way, you’re going to have to be committed. If you put in some serious effort, it can open a lot of doors!


Alternatively, you could do some volunteer work. Why not do some charity work or volunteer in a ‘summer school’ as a teaching assistant? This will really add a sparkle to your CV and show any future employers that you’re keen and committed.

Get a job…

If you’re just looking to raise some cash, there are plenty of short-term employment options. Try and get something which relates to your long-term career interests, but if this isn’t possible, you could do some bar work, restaurant work, retail work, market research or telesales. There are thousands of ways to earn some good money! It’s always nice to have a bit of extra cash at the start of the next term too!

Extra study…

Of course, it’s important not to forget about your workload altogether. Ask any lecturer and they will suggest further reading that you can do. You can do this alongside anything else you do over the summer. There’s always a spare hour here or there. For all you know, you could start researching your dissertation as you sun yourself on the beach in Antigua.

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