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Student Bursaries

There’s been a bit of a change in the water recently when it comes to student bursaries. The rise of tuition fees has brought a new trend: an increasing number of institutions offering tuition fee waivers (i.e. a reduction in tuition fees) rather than traditional bursaries. However, whether it comes in the form of a fee waiver or extra help with living costs, there is plenty of financial support out there for students from low income households.

University bursaries

Plenty of universities and colleges are still offering your standard ‘nuts and bolts’ bursaries for students in need. You won’t have to pay back a student bursary and it’ll usually come in the form of a cash award, money off your accommodation, or discounts on study materials.

All universities will have specific eligibility requirements for their bursaries. Essentially, your entitlement to a bursary will depend on your family’s financial situation, your academic achievements or the specific subject you are studying.

To find out more about what bursaries and scholarships are available at each university, check out our university profiles. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the student support services at your chosen institution.

National Scholarship Programme

In addition, or in place of existing bursaries, many universities and colleges will be taking part in the National Scholarship Programme. This aims to provide financial help to students with an annual household income of £25,000 or less.

The money available varies from institution to institution. It might come in the form of a tuition fee waiver, a cash award, or a discount on university accommodation.

Applying for a student bursary

National Scholarships are awarded through each individual institution. Usually though, you’ll be automatically entered if you apply for a Maintenance Grant through Student Finance England. If you’re not, you’ll have to apply directly to the university.

The process of applying for a bursary directly with a university will vary depending on the criteria upon which their bursaries are awarded. The best thing to do is give your chosen university a call to find out exactly how to apply for the various bursaries on offer.

The main thing is to be proactive and find out exactly what financial support you are eligible for. There is plenty of financial help out there; you just need to track it down!

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