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Postgraduate Accommodation

The world of postgraduate study is vastly different to that of the fun-filled undergraduate years. Everything from the postgraduate teaching and learning methods to the fees and funding options, the differences between undergraduate and postgraduate study are vast. And we haven’t even considered the postgraduate accommodation options yet!

You’re off to study for a postgraduate degree, perhaps in an entirely new city or a location where you didn’t study for undergraduate, so what are your accommodation options?


You may be a postgraduate student, but this isn’t going to stop you reliving your youth, tie around head, air guitar in hand and sunglasses shielding your eyes from all the paparazzi. The undergraduate first years won’t be able to keep up!

Just kidding, you don’t have to live the fresher lifestyle if you don’t want to. Most universities set aside a block of campus accommodation for their postgraduate students but be aware that for smaller universities, these are reserved primarily for EU or international students who are a wee bit further away from home and need the accommodation more than home students.

If you have a family, most universities will offer family accommodation too, so don’t let the little ones affect your choice of accommodation.

Private Renting

It’s likely that in the second and final year of your undergraduate studies you rented privately and this is what most postgraduate students will choose to do when it comes to accommodation.

You can either live with friends or rent a spare room and renting privately is often cheaper than paying for all-inclusive halls.

Living at Home

Renting privately is great, but bear in mind that postgraduate students are not entitled to a maintenance loan from the (very generous) Student Loans Company. Therefore it could be worth considering living at home whilst you study for your postgraduate degree at a nearby university.

Add into the mix home-cooked meals, clean sheets and regularly washed clothes and living at home could prove to be a good option. Even if you pay a small amount of board, it will be far cheaper than forking out for halls or a house.

Halls Senior Resident

If you don’t want to stay at home, but halls or renting is far too expensive, you could consider becoming a senior resident. Remember those hall wardens that gave your flat a pep talk in the first week about how you should never have food fights and should always keep your kitchen clean. Well yeah, you could be one of those and live rent-free in halls in return for your time and hard-work keeping rowdy freshers at bay and being available for anyone who needs help or assistance with life in halls.

This is a popular accommodation option for postgraduates and competition is high, so make sure to have a back-up plan if you aren’t successful in your application.

There’s plenty of options you can explore when it comes to postgraduate accommodation and there’s bound to be an option that works out right for you. 

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