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Finding Part-Time Work

Whether you’re a stereotypical cash-strapped student who needs to work Saturday daytime in order to have a Saturday night or looking to bolster your funds during the holidays (aka drought when the trusty student loan dries up), part-time work is a handy little earner for young people. But how do you go about finding part-time work?!

Typical Student Jobs

Understandably, students try to find work that fits easily around their studies, so evening or weekend work in a bar, nightclub, restaurant or coffee shop is the ideal gig. “Okay, great, I’ll scuttle off to Starbucks in the morning then…”. Steady on! Because most students are keen to earn a bit of money, the competition for part-time jobs can be quite fierce. Before you go anywhere, head over to the CV and cover letter advice section for a few tips.

Hand Out CVs & Apply Online

If you’re looking for part-time work, why not head into your local city armed with copies of your CV and a brief covering letter and hand them to any shops, bars or restaurants who are on the hunt for part-time members of staff. If this is too old skool (yes, we did just spell school with a K), then get on the ol’ internet and have a Google of popular high street shops, nationwide bars and restaurants to see if you can find opportunities listed on their website.

University Noticeboards & Opportunities

Your university careers centre is likely to have a job notice board where they post important internship and graduate opportunities. However, they may also list part-time opportunities in the local city or even working for the university. Remember those people who gave you a tour of campus on your open day? Yeah, they were likely getting paid for the privilege, rather than doing it out of the goodness of their own heart. These ‘student ambassador’ or ‘student guide’ jobs are often well paid and opportunities are regular throughout the year. There are also likely to be opportunities for you to work in the campus bar or café. And the best thing? As it’s the university employing you, they understand that your studies come first.

Temporary Jobs

Perhaps your course contact hours are pretty full-on (medicine degree, anyone?) and you physically don’t have the time to carry out part-time work alongside completing coursework and revision. Not to worry, if you’re still wanting a job rather than a rest in the holidays, you could look for temporary work, especially in the Christmas. Loads of companies hire Christmas temps, with Royal Mail leading the way by taking on an extra 19,000 pair of hands in the festive season. High street chains such as Argos, Boots and Sainsbury’s also hire in the thousands.

The advantage of temp work is… well, it’s temporary. That means when it comes to going back to uni to study, you don’t have to worry about other commitments. You’ve done your but, earned your money and can now get back to focussing on your degree. Everyone’s a winner!

Part-time work may not be the most glamour work in the world but lots of students undertake it for an extra bit of dough – if one shift pays for two nights out, who can complain?!

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