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7 Apps to help with your Job Hunt

These apps are not only handy but are totally free – simply download to your smartphone or tablet and boost your chances of landing that perfect job.

Resume Review Pro

They say: Resume Review Pro is a free video app that shows you through examples and tips how to write a resume that gets job interviews. 

We say: The first step is knowing what to include on your CV, and of course knowing how to say it. So “A month working in the local pencil factory” could become “A month of building up interpersonal, time-keeping and organisational skills as part of a production team.” There you go, not so hard was it?

Resume Star

They say: Writing an effective resume doesn't have to be hard. A precision targeted and professionally typeset resume is the key to scoring an interview. Simply fill in your information, and Resume Star produces a clean, correctly formatted PDF resume you can email directly, post online, or print out.

We say: Paper is like, totally over - PDFs are where it’s at. This nifty app will ensure not only does your CV look good, but it’ll be ready to send off directly from your phone, wherever you are.

Job Interview Q & A

They say: Job Interview Questions and Answers is a free interactive video app that helps you practice your answers to tough interview questions in an easy-to-use mock interview format. 

We say: Practice makes perfect, and an app can’t get the giggles halfway through, unlike your best mate.


They say: Paperfold is a fun visual take on your inbox. Sign in with a single email account and Paperfold transforms your emails into Tiles, displayed across the whole screen of your iPad. Fold between your messages using a simple swipe gesture. Paperfold Tiles change color automatically, according to the attachments and links you've been sent in your email.

We say: The quicker and more visually interesting the better – you’ll be signed up to so many job notifications that your inbox will soon get clogged unless you have an easy way of marking the emails worth coming back to when you’ve got more time.


They say: Organise anything with Any.do. Over 12 Million people use Any.do to organize their family tasks, work projects and personal to-dos in one place. Download Any.do to all your devices to keep your life in-sync.

We say: A bit like paper CVs, notepads are way last century. This app allows you to keep all your job-hunt tasks ("Prepare for job interview", "Check AllAboutCareers.com") at a swipe of a finger, and catagorised into “Today”, “Tomorrow” and “Someday”. If you’re anything like us the “Someday” list will grow rapidly, but at least it’ll all be in one place, right?


They say: Opportunity is always within reach with the LinkedIn app for iPhone and iPad. Build your personal brand, network to create meaningful connections, and engage with professional content – right from your LinkedIn app

We say: A Linkedin account is about as essential today as Twitter or Facebook. Keep up to date on all your connections (and all those messages from prospective employers) without needing to be logged onto your laptop.


They say: Stay connected to your job search while on the go. Search, view and apply to jobs - whenever and wherever you want. You can even be alerted when jobs match your search.

We say: You never know when the perfect job might come up – you’ll want as long as possible to prepare your application, so give yourself a fighting chance by having opportunities come straight to the palm of your hand.

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