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Job Rejection Letter

In this climate, rejecting a job might seem like a bit of a luxury, but there may well be a time when you’ll decide to reject a job offer. So how do you go about doing it? A job rejection letter or email is usually the way to go. You might have seen the tongue-in-cheek letter sent by Elly Nowell rejecting Oxford University and, although it’s funny, it’s probably not the kind of thing you should send to an employer.

A professional tone is paramount; you don’t want to burn your bridges with the employer, particularly as you might get a better offer from them later on. That means not emailing back with something like: “You can stick that job offer where the sun don’t shine, sonny Jim”.

How do you write a job rejection letter?

First of all, don’t tell them the specifics of why you rejected their offer. Don’t tell them the pay was rubbish, the hours were dismal and your interviewer made you want to put a fork in your eye.

Keep your letter professional. Express your thanks and appreciation for the offer, say that unfortunately you won’t be won’t be accepting their job offer and wish them luck finding the best person for the position.

Scrutinise your email/letter for mistakes such as grammatical errors and typos and then send it off. Leave those employers sobbing into their computers, distraught that they didn’t manage to hire the purveyor of such a fine and professional job rejection letter.

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