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Job Acceptance Letter

Hooray! You’ve been offered a job. But before you crack open the party poppers/champagne and dance around your living room, you’ve got to pen (or more likely type) that job acceptance letter/email.

Ok, so you’re sure you want to accept the job. It’s time to put it in writing. Even if you’ve accepted the job over the phone, it’s always good to send an email confirming your acceptance.

What should I include in my job acceptance letter?

For starters, address the email or letter to the person who offered you the job (always a good start).

The letter/email doesn’t have to be too long. You might want to thank the company for the opportunity, then formally accept the job, confirm the terms and conditions of employment and verify the proposed start date.

Proofread your email and make sure there are no grammatical errors. Even though you’ve got the job in the bag, you don’t want to dismay them by sending off a hurried, typo-ridden job acceptance letter.

And that’s that! A whole new world of employment beckons. Oh, and you might want to notify any recruitment agencies or employers who are currently considering your application that you are no longer on the market. 

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