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Follow-up Email: After Interview

Sending off a short and sweet email thanking your interviewer for the interview requires little effort from your part and, whilst it won’t make the interviewer turn round and go: “Blimey! We should definitely hire that person”, it does make a good impression. After all, we British like a bit of manners.

What should I put in my follow-up email?

So within 24 hours of your interview, you want to be on that computer composing a thank you note. Make sure it isn’t too long: just thank them for the interview, reiterate your interest in the role and the company, and briefly summarise why you would be perfect for the role. You might want to show them that you have listened to their requirements and that you fit the bill.

Some people may advise you to address any unresolved issues in the thank you note, such as providing the answer to an unsolved problem in a technical interview. But really it’s up to you! Make sure you’ve carefully proofread your email too: you don’t want to let yourself down with typos and grammatical errors.

Don’t pester!

Although we’re advising you to follow-up after your interview, we don’t mean you should pester your interviewer or the human resources department. It can be a massive turn-off. The occasional polite post-interview email asking about the progress of your application and reiterating your interest is ok, calling them every week isn’t.

Particularly at large companies, recruiters and human resources officers are pressed for time, so calling them or emailing them all the time only serves as a hindrance. Instead, you should be using that time to look for other jobs, just in case the opportunity falls through. 

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