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What can I do with...

...an electrical engineering degree?

In a pickle about your career options? This useful little tool helps you find out exactly what you can do with your electrical engineering degree.



Around 30% of electrical engineering graduates head straight into engineering, whilst others pursue careers in computing, telecommunications or areas like banking and finance. So whether you want to stick with what you know or branch out into more unusual job sectors, have a look at the options available: 



Electrical engineering students are known for being very pragmatic and practical, but your degree (and industrial placement) should have hard-wired some other skills into you too:

Advanced I.T. Skills

Microsoft office? Child’s play! You’ve got highly developed I.T. skills that’d run rings around the average schmuck.

Analytical Skills

You’re better than Shearer and Hansen put together. You’re even better than Gary Neville. Fortunately, your top-notch analytical skills also extend beyond the world of football punditry.

Attention to Detail

You can spot a needle in a haystack. Sometimes you can even spot a specific needle in a massive stack of needles. You’re just that sharp.

Communication (Oral)

All mouth, no trousers? Nope, but you can speak to people in a calm, concise and engaging manner.

Communication (Written)

You may not be a romantic poet, but you can write in a professional, succinct and appealing fashion.


You have the ability to come up with creative and innovative ideas. You’re so far outside the box you can’t even see the box. The box is merely a dot on the horizon.


Your degree might have given you a firm foundation in hardware architecture and construction.


You ain’t no fool! Your approach to problem solving is characterised by reason and rationality.


Forget 2 + 2 = 4, you’ve got the numeracy skills to give Carol Vorderman a run for her money.

Problem Solving

You’re a bit like Jimmy McNulty in The Wire. You might swear a lot, but you can solve problems quickly and logically without too much head-scratching.


Parlez-vous francais? Nope, but you’ve got the language of programming nailed. Whether its schooling in Java, C++ or advanced algorithms, your degree has given you a firm foundation in programming.

Software Engineering

You’re a computer whizz kid, equipped with the skills to design and develop effective software solutions.


You’re not an angry loner. Far from it! You have the ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Time Management

You may not have ‘Bernard’s Watch’, but you can manage your time effectively and meet deadlines without any last minute stress.



If you haven’t quite had that “eureka!” moment just yet, have a look at these different job profiles for inspiration…

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