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What can I do with...

...a journalism degree?

Baffled by your career options? This helpful little tool is designed to help you find out exactly what you can do with your journalism degree.



Having chosen to study journalism, you might believe that you’re destined to become a roving reporter, a professional blogger or the next Anna Wintour. However, a journalism degree will actually provide you with an excellent platform from which to enter a range of fascinating sectors...



Your head might be crammed full of useful (and some not-so-useful) information, but your journalism degree will also help you to develop a wealth of useful skills…

Analytical Skills

You’re better than Shearer and Hansen put together. You’re even better than Gary Neville. Fortunately, your top-notch analytical skills also extend beyond the world of football punditry.

Attention to Detail

You can spot a needle in a haystack. Sometimes you can even spot a specific needle in a massive stack of needles. You’re just that sharp.

Communication (Oral)

All mouth, no trousers? Nope, but you can speak to people in a calm, concise and engaging manner.

Communication (Written)

You may not be a romantic poet, but you can write in a professional, succinct and appealing fashion.


You have the ability to come up with creative and innovative ideas. You’re so far outside the box you can’t even see the box. The box is merely a dot on the horizon.

Critical Thinking

When you’re presented with a problem or idea, you have the ability to think about it from a critical perspective. You’re not afraid to share your opinion.

Decision Making

If a decision needs to be made, you have the confidence to make it. You’re not hot-headed, but your middle name is ‘decisive’. When it’s crunch time, you’re always ready to do some crunching.


You don’t need somebody holding your hand the entire time. You can work on your own, use your initiative and keep yourself motivated.


You can arrange text on a page like an absolute champion. InDesign is your friend. You know its functionality inside-out.


You’re a shepherd, not a sheep. You can lead from the front and take charge when decisions need to be made.


You can work a room like a pro. You’re comfortable talking to new people and can build instant rapport with anyone. What’s more, you’ve got a handshake to die for! Not too strong, not too limp. Sheer perfection.

Objective Thinking

You can think objectively and approach problems and situations with an open mind.


You speak clearly, you’re confident, and you can hold the attention of a room. Every time you give a presentation, you have the audience eating out of the palm of your hand. Not literally, though! That’d be weird.

Problem Solving

You’re a bit like Jimmy McNulty in The Wire. You might swear a lot, but you can solve problems quickly and logically without too much head-scratching.


Like a pig sniffing for truffles, you have the ability to get your head down and find exactly what you’re looking for: useful information.


You’re a stenographical wizard. It might look like you’re writing in hieroglyphics, but you can take notes at lightning speed.

Social Media

You understand the power of a well-crafted Tweet. You’re a master of the blogosphere. You’re a veritable social media wizard.


You’re an absolute stickler for grammatical accuracy. You can spot spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and poorly constructed sentences in the dark with your eyes closed. You can also write attention-grabbing headlines like the best of them.


You’re not an angry loner. Far from it! You have the ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Technical Production

You can handle a camcorder better than that guy in Cloverfield. Filming? Editing? Sound recording? You name it, you’ve got it nailed.

Time Management

You may not have ‘Bernard’s Watch’, but you can manage your time effectively and meet deadlines without any last minute stress.



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