How Does it Work?

In a nutshell…

Every student who uses the Career Test is invited to answer 48 questions relating to their personality, skills and interests. Based on their answers, they are recommended five industry sectors, which they are encouraged to explore further using their very own AllAboutCareers Noticeboard.

With the help of three expert occupational psychologists, we have created an interactive careers questionnaire, which is inspired by some of the most trusted personality questionnaires and career tests in the world.


We have used the 30 personality facets of the Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-R) and the six elements of the RIASEC Inventory as guidance and inspiration for our very own Career Test.

Having conducted extensive research and analysis into the two models, we have created something which balances scientific validity with exceptional user experience. Drawing on the best aspects of both the NEO PI-R and RIASEC models, we have created a truly unique careers questionnaire.

Meet the experts…

We created the Career Test with the help of three expert occupational psychologists…

Rob Archer

Rob Archer Photo

Rob is the Founder and Director of The Career Psychologist. He is a leading practitioner, researcher and writer in the area of careers, career change, work and meaning.

The Career Psychologist is an independent occupational psychology consultancy that specialises in career decision making. They offer one-to-one coaching and group workshops to help people find their career direction. The consultancy is also currently developing its service for school students, school leavers, university students, graduates and postgraduates.

Rob is a former management consultant turned occupational psychologist. The majority of his work is with people who feel stuck in their career, yet unsure of what to do next; something he calls ‘Career Paralysis’. Rob specialises in ‘meaning in work’, acceptance and commitment therapy in the workplace, and in helping people get unstuck. Rob writes a blog called 'Headstuck' which is about the psychology of career change.

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Taslim Tharani

Taslim Tharani Photo

Taslim is a Business Psychologist with The Career Psychologist. She is a specialist in career decision making for young people.

Taslim primarily works with school leavers, graduates and postgraduates; helping them to identify their career direction and make purposeful career choices. She also develops tailored group workshops, which help people to explore their career direction and identify how to move forward with their careers, despite the fears and anxieties that naturally come with making choices and changes.

/ Taslim’s LinkedIn profile.

Sherridan Hughes

Sheridan Hughes Photo

Sherridan Hughes is a chartered psychologist who specialises in career assessment, analysis and counselling.

After previous lives in teaching, hospitality and leisure, Sherridan has been a career consultant for the last 23 years and has successfully helped thousands of people of all ages, occupational levels, and educational and social backgrounds.

As a recognised expert, Sherridan is often quoted in the media, and is one of the few career consultants recommended in the career bible, What Color is Your Parachute? Sherridan has recently authored the Trotman Education title, Working in Accountancy 2012: A Guide to Qualifying and Starting a Great Career in Accountancy.

Having trained with a well-known career consultancy, the pioneer in its field, Sherridan progressed from trainee to managing consultant. Sherridan began counselling clients independently in 2005.

What makes the Career Test different?

We don’t mean to bang on about how unique our Career Test is, but several features really do make it stand out from the crowd.

Sector recommendations…

Rather than recommending specific professions, such as doctor, fence erector, grave digger or clown, the Career Test suggests industry sectors, such as engineering, media or law. Each of the sectors that we recommend boasts a range of different professions and career paths which are worth exploring in more detail.

We believe that recommending really specific professions to young people can be misleading, confusing and potentially problematic. It’s important to show students the big picture. Before making a major decision about your career, you need to find out everything you can and consider your various options.

It’s never our intention to tell people that a certain profession is definitely right for them. Instead, our sector recommendations are designed to offer some inspiration; a catalyst from which students can begin to conduct their own research and make decisions about their career.

The Noticeboard…

Once you’ve completed the Career Test, we don’t simply give you a few paragraphs to read and then send you on your way. Each and every person that completes the questionnaire will get their own AllAboutCareers Profile and Noticeboard.

The Noticeboard is a personalised careers information feed, which sends you daily careers information updates, including industry-specific careers advice, news, blogs, forum posts, job alerts and information about forthcoming events.

The story…

We have broken the mould. Rather than creating a tedious careers questionnaire, which asks students to rate how ‘friendly’ or ‘competitive’ they are on a scale of one to five, we have opted to use scenario-based questions. Furthermore, we have turned our questionnaire into an interactive story.

A narrative runs through the Career Test, which invites users to go on a journey through their own brain to discover what careers are right for them. This is designed to keep your attention, enhance your user experience and improve the validity of your answers.

Self- assessment questions are widely criticised for allowing users to manipulate their answers in order to paint themselves in a favourable light. Our cryptic scenario-based questions eliminate this possibility, which means your answers give a much more accurate overview of your personality, skills and interests.

It’s completely free!

We believe that careers advice and guidance should be available to everyone free of charge! Anyone and everyone can use our career test, from school children and teachers to university students and experienced professionals. Everybody can benefit and nobody has to pay!