What can I do with an electrical engineering degree?

In a pickle about your career options? This useful little tool helps you find out exactly what you can do with your electrical engineering degree.

What can I do with a electrical engineering degree?


The graduate job market is becoming a bit like your annoying older brother; bigger, tougher and increasingly competitive. The good news is that electrical engineers can be found working in a tantalising variety of engineering sectors. Whether you’re interested in the automotive industry, manufacturing or other areas of engineering, university is a great time to explore your career options and prepare for the big, bad world of work.

If you’ve decided engineering isn’t quite right for you, you don’t need to worry. Not all electrical engineering students dive headfirst into the engineering industry. There are tons of other career paths available to you. Forget hand-holding, it’s up to you to research your career options, so what are you waiting for?

We’ve created a tool to make the whole process easier. Click on the circles to take the Career Test and find out about relevant sectors and occupations. Graduate job, here we come.

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