What can I do with a geography degree?

Want to know what you can do with a geography degree? Czech out this Brazil(liant) tool (Syria-sly, we’ll stop with the puns):

What can I do with a geography degree?


Geography might be described as “the world discipline”, but how does an understanding of geomorphology, glaciology or social geography translate into a career? Whilst a geography degree’s interdisciplinary nature and academic focus might not present you with a clear cut career route, the wide range of skills you develop as part of your course are relevant to a staggering range of career choices.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty tough world out there for a graduate, which is why you need to be super proactive at university. The first step is to explore the possible careers that excite your interest.

We’ve created a tool to make the whole process easier. Click on the circles to take the Career Test and find out about relevant sectors and occupations. Graduate job, here we come.

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