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We’ll keep it simple here…

We can help you reach literally any type of applicant that you’re looking to attract.

It’s a bold claim that we’ve spent the last three years making sure we can back up.

Meeting with recruiters as bright-eyed, enthusiastic graduates, with our other website AllAboutLaw in tow, we quickly learned that the process of attracting the best talent was anything but straightforward.

Lesson learned though obviously…

It was at the start of 2008 that we first came up with the idea of the Noticeboard. We wanted to provide a way for students to find out exactly what they wanted to know in the most accessible way possible.

We’d both gone through university getting snippets of useful info here and there, but I wanted to know about getting into commercial law in London and Jack wanted to know about working abroad in human rights.

Despite our dramatically different career aims, there wasn’t any way that potential employers could differentiate between us when they were targeting their advertising campaigns.

There was no way for employers to know about the individual universities we had been to, the degree courses we had studied, our preferred working locations, our interests, our grades or the employers that we had been keeping our eyes on. Therefore, how could they be sure that the right candidates were looking at their advert?

In short, we felt it wasn’t good enough.

Enter the ‘Dashboard’…

Again, it’s a simple concept. You control everything that has anything to do with your company on the site and you can view every imaginable statistic available. Bold claim number two!

I could list the veritable incredibleness of it all here, but we think it always sounds a little hollow coming from the characters that created it. We’d rather just let you have a go on it and make a judgement yourselves.

This is our personal invitation to give it a bash. Click on the email below and send us a politely demanding message telling us to put up or shut up!